Do you manage a hotel, hostel or BnB?

HappyBooking is a cloud based online booking system that saves our customers 1.5h/day on average and helps you drive revenue by generating direct bookings!

Hotel Owner - Ones to watch | Technology 2016
HappyBooking have always focused on creating a user-friendly booking system to help property owners improve overall performance, generate more revenue and reduce costs.


An own-branded online booking engine

Our system is built to make your life easy, to give you more time to run your business. Manage bookings, revenue, and front desk functionality all within the same system. HappyBooking is not just a property management system!

Let customers pay with credit card

Thanks to our partnership with Elavon, HappyBooking can help you manage credit card transactions at no added monthly cost!

Direct online bookings - commission free

HappyBooking can help you increase direct commission-free online bookings with a simple guest booking engine. Mobile friendly and with a few easy steps you can manage your prices and promotions.

Property management system

HappyBooking is first and foremost a property management system (PMS). That means we help you with the boring admin tasks and free up your time so that you can focus on keeping your guests happy and running a professional business.

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